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Founded in 2017, BODYGUARD Considering the technical knowledge it had and based on the conditions of the region in which it operated, this company identified the development of entrepreneurship and value creation through the production of knowledge relying on internal power as the main need of the country. According to our study from Precise Security details the number of cameras installed in Iran per 100 people is much lower than the number of cameras installed in other countries and BODYGUARD entered into the fast-growing AIoT solutions offering, committed to providing value-added services and cutting-edge technologies. Based on video surveillance, BODYGUARD expands its value proposition in the IoT and communication industries, taking IoT communication and artificial intelligence technologies as its core. Bodyguard publishes its products and services in comprehensive solutions through the local network of distributors and system integrators in all cities of Iran.

Iran has very valuable natural resources such as aluminum, copper, iron and petroleum derivatives. For this reason and relying on the use of expert human resources, BODYGUARD decided to enter the field of designing and producing industrial molds for the production of camera’s housing and related accessories such as cables and adapters.

BODYGUARD has the ability to sell the camera Housings and video and network cables (RG59, cat6 utp, cat6 sftp) separately. Creating added value and providing a comprehensive product portfolio can be considered as the main reasons for taking this decision.

Since establishment, BODYGUARD has been adhering to our core values: "Quality, Innovation, and Loyalty ", we hope to continue to provide Value Added Service to customers. At present, our team has more than 50 people that directly with us in the design department; They are engaged in production, R&D, sales and after-sales services., factory area is about 1000 square meters, and the camera has a monthly production capacity of 10,000 units.

Also, we have more than 500 active representatives all over Iran who focus on selling, installing and operating bodyguard products and providing after-sales services.

Our Vision: We want to compete based on research and development and knowledge creation, training and real customer support by adopting prudent measures and policies and adhering to commitments in providing the best services and products in the field of environmental intelligence to control privacy and reduce anxiety. To be the best Iranian brand active as a developer of environmental intelligence in the country.

Brand Identity: Bodyguard is an environmental intelligence developer. Using artificial intelligence, Bodyguard tries to simulate human behavior to control the living environment. Bodyguard is a provider of services and products that, by knowing the surrounding environment, take on the implementation of some intelligent behaviors instead of humans. Production of knowledge and engineering to build intelligent agents to control privacy and reduce human concerns. Announcing unusual and dangerous situations that threaten the living environment with the aim of preventing or better managing threats.

Bodyguard is always researching and increasing its knowledge and that of its audience. By providing specialized and practical training, it facilitates the selection and use of its products and services for the audience.

and considers doing the tasks he undertakes to be his main duty. Bodyguard adheres to all its technical and executive commitments and promises. By providing excellent after-sales services and practical training needed by consumers, it is always present as a supporter with its audience.


Bodyguard Archetypes


Production Factory

The stages of designing and manufacturing industrial molds, die casting, painting, drilling and nailing, and other operations for preparing housings are carried out in the factory located in the industrial location of Chahardangeh.

Production line

The produced parts are transferred to the bodyguard assembly line along with high-quality imported boards. In this part, the products are assembled are packed and transferred to the collection warehouse after performing professional quality control tests.

Quality Control Unit

Quality is BODYGUARD's life. We strictly control every production process. We also have a complete quality test equipment system as follow: Board Camera QC test, BG Camera QC Test, Waterproof test in warm water and cold water separatly, IR Test, Finished camera aging test lasts for 24 hours, Dedusting and Transportation simulation test.

R&D Center

BODYGUARD's research and development team consists of experts who invest in research and development and technological innovation, especially in intelligent algorithms based on surveillance products and to realize product development and market application to provide cost-effective products to customers and They strive to provide better experience and services to users.

Commerce Department

Some of the parts used in bodyguard products, such as boards, which have high technology, are imported.

The Department of Commerce supplies these parts and raw materials needed for production and assembly.

Call Center

BODYGUARD products are offered and sold through the local network of distributors and system integrators in all cities of Iran. Bodyguard has two exclusive stores and showrooms located in Tehran (Passage Alaeddin2, Jomhuri Street) and in Karaj (HafteTir Crossroads). we have more than 500 active representatives all over Iran who focus on selling, installing and operating bodyguard products and providing. Also, Bodyguard has more than 5000 unique customers all over Iran.

After Sales Service

BODYGUARD is strongly committed to providing after-sales services and all Bodyguard products have a 5-year warranty. The Bodyguard Warranty team considers customer satisfaction as their top priority.

Projects Department

BODYGUARD products have been installed in huge and important government and private projects. Oil and gas and petrochemical projects, organizations and large organizations are in the list of users of our products.

In addition to selling products, Bodyguard also provides installation and project implementation services.